Buy 4-EMC Online

Buy 4-EMC Online

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Buy 4-EMC Online

4-EMC has a full IUPAC name of 1-(4-ethylphenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one, monohydrochloride which belongs to a class of research chemicals called central nervous system stimulants.

4-Ethylmethcathinone (4-EMC) is a recreational designer drug of the stimulant and entactogen class. It is a structural isomer of 4-MEC

The research chemical called 4-EMC belongs to phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical classes and has the molecular formula C12H17NO. The formula weight has the value 191.270 g/mo . Buy 4-EMC Online

Due to intense interest of the market, we are introducing a new cathinone product that can be used for advanced scientific studies. 4-ethylmethcathinone is an isomeric form which is in turn closely related to now restricted mephedrone, with all of the listed chemicals displaying stimulant and entactogen properties.

As is typical for this chemical class, 4-EMC is believed to block reuptake of key neurotransmitters on the synaptic cleft, with dopamine and serotonin as its likely primary targets

The substance has the appearance of a crystalline powder under normal conditions, and can be readily prepared for testing without any risk of including impurities. 4-EMC can be dissolved in water, and must be kept at a dry and air-tight storage space.

Since the substance has not been extensively tested in the past and most of what is known about it comes from analogies from related chemicals, researchers have a chance to map its profile from scratch. All experiment designs should reflect the novel status of the chemical and leave a large margin of error. Buy 4-EMC Online


Our online store stocks only high-purity chemical products, delivering anywhere in the world on demand. Please be aware that 4-ethylmethcathinone and other products available for sale are approved only as in vitro research agents and may be restricted in some countries.

Buyers bear sole responsibility for handling of the products after delivery and are expected to learn about local regulations in advance of the order. It is mandatory to apply standard lab safety procedures to all experiments with 4-EMC.4-EMC,

What does 4-MEC do?
4-MEC is also known as 4-Methylethcathinone and it is sort of a recreational medicine. The medicine is legally available in various countries and as mentioned earlier, many consider it to be a cheap alternative to Mephedrone.

By altering the functions of brain, 4-MEC basically affects the brain. A person using this medicine is bound to experience mood changes at a frequent basis and may see different behaviors for a short time frame.

This medicine is actually considered to be an alternative to ecstasy. If you use a small dosage of 4-MEC, it generally wipes all the anxiety out and gives you a calm mood. The user generally loses his awareness of the surroundings after taking 4-MEC. User starts relaxing and the actions get reduced as well. Buy 4-EMC Online

The Basic Functions of 4-MEC
User gets a pleasant feeling of euphoria as the medicine is known to make a user ecstatic. Please understand that this medicine should be taken with proper care all the time. Any sort of over dosage can result into disastrous effects.

Some of the effects of over dosage that have been reported are: burning sensation, insufflations, deep diaphragmatic breathing etc. In case you want to avoid the burning sensation, it is better to consume 4-MEC orally.

What is the Recommended Dosage of 4-MEC?
Please note that 4-MEC is not as strong as Mephedrone. You should start with a small dosage of such as 100 mg and it will probably make you crave for another indulgence within 14 hours.

It is important to understand that the effects may vary from one person to another and if you don’t take proper precautions, the results can definitely end up not being pleasant. It is always better to consume only moderate amounts of this medicine. Buy 4-EMC Online

Buy 4-EMC Online

The purity level is usually as high as 98% for 4-MEC. The medicine is usually found in white crystalline shards. In general, these resemble sea salt, however, these being of rectangular shape, it becomes easy to crush these things. Generally, within 24 hours, you will see that the effects are fading out.

Please understand that researches are still going on for understanding the details of 4-MEC and all information is not yet available. However, people using this medicine generally claim that the effects of 4-MEC are somewhere in the middle of MDMA & Cocaine.

There is no dearth of websites selling buy 4-mec online for the customers. However, before you actually opt for online purchase, you need to check the reputation of the company which is selling it. Authenticity of 4-MEC is important when you buy it online. Buy 4-EMC Online

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